Grundy Bank Debit Card Text Alert Fraud Notifications

What is it?
This service will alert our clients immediately by text if our system detects any suspicious activity on your debit card. All you’ll have to do is respond to the text message to confirm if the transaction is fraud or not. If you reply “No” then you will receive another message asking you to call a number to follow up. If you reply “Yes” then your transaction will be processed and you can continue to use your debit card. If you do not respond to the text message within 15 minutes, you will receive a telephone call asking you if this transaction was yours. They will ask you to verify some personal information before proceeding to discuss the transaction. If you do not answer this call, they will leave an automated message asking you to call them back, referencing a case number. If both the text and call go unanswered, your debit card will be restricted. 

Do I have to enroll?
All clients with debit cards are automatically enrolled. If we have your mobile phone number on file, you don’t have to do anything. If you want to verify or change your mobile number, please call us at 815-942-0130.

What is the short code?
All text messages will come from short code 37268.

Grundy Bank uses a third party to monitor accounts for fraudulent transactions. You could be contacted via text message or a phone call. The Bank does not charge for the service, but message and data rates may apply. You can opt-out of this service at any time by replying “STOP”. 

To report a lost or stolen debit card - Call (800) 554-8969

To change your PIN number - Call (800) 567-3451

To activate your debit card - Call (800) 992-3808. If you have problems activating your debit card through the 800 number, please feel free to call the main bank at 815-942-0130.

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