Identity Theft

Learn how to protect yourself.

Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

Here are some tips to help reduce your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft

  • Never share your passwords with anyone.
  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • When creating passwords, use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols.
  • Never write your passwords down where someone could find them.
  • Do not write your PIN number on your ATM card.
  • Try not to carry extra credits or your social security number with you in case they get lost.
  • Make a list of your credit cards and bank account numbers along with the customer service numbers and keep it in a safe place.
  • Monitor your credit report, at least twice a year to check for any fraudulent activity.
  • Shred all personal documents and unwanted mail.
  • Do not list your social security number or drivers license on your checks.
  • Never give out any personal information over the phone to solicitors. If someone calls you requesting the information, tell them you will call them back at a known number to confirm the inquiry is legitimate.

Identify theft happens when someone uses your personal information such as:

  • Name
  • Social Security number
  • Credit card numbers or other identifying information without your permission with the intent to commit fraud.

What to do if Your Identity is Stolen

We hope that you never fall victim to identity theft but if you do, here are some steps you should take.

You want to request a copy of your credit report to see if there’s been any fraud to your accounts. You can also do this by obtaining your free annual credit report by visiting

  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft Hotline: (877)-ID-THEFT (877) 438-4338.
  • File a police report at your local police station. Get a copy of the report to submit to any of your creditors that may require proof of the crime.

To learn more about identity theft, please visit

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