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Please read below for scam updates and stay informed on how to protect your money. 

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How can I bank remotely?

  • You can access your account activity, balances and statements thru online banking and mobile banking.
  • Night drops are located at each branch.
  • Checks can also be deposited thru our mobile banking app.
  • ATMs are available at each branch for cash withdrawals.

Is my money safe?

We understand this is an unprecedented time for many with the market volatility. Please remember that your deposits held at Grundy Bank are insured up to the maximum allowable amount by law. For levels of coverage, we encourage you to visit the FDIC’s Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (EDIE). This will allow you to estimate the total coverage for all of your different deposit accounts such as checking, savings, money market, and certificates of deposits.

Beware of scams

This is also a great time to remind you about possible scams. Unfortunately, scammers use times of vulnerability to attack. Please keep in mind we will never call you to ask for your account number, your social security number, your online banking credentials, etc. We also remind you to never give out your online banking credentials to anyone and keep your personal identification number (PIN) private. Keep yourself protected by protecting your personal information.

Protect yourself and your money with these resources from the ABA Foundation. 

If you receive an email or phone call that you suspect may be fraudulent from Grundy Bank, DO NOT REPLY TO THE EMAIL. Call us at (815) 942-0130

Financial Caregiving 

Financial caregiving is the management of another person's finances due to changing life circumstances such as aging, disability, or illness. You can protect your financial future by identifying a financial caregiver to help manage your finances.  

Where can you learn more? 

Check out the following resources: 

 Senior Banking Resources 

Seniors are often targeted by scammers who seek to exploit their vulnerabilities. These scams can result in significant financial losses and emotional distress. To prevent elder financial abuse, it is important to stay vigilant and educated on the latest scams and fraud tactics. Resources such as the National Council on Aging and the Elder Justice Coalition can provide valuable information and support to seniors and their loved ones.

 Military Families Resources 


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